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Blue Hole (Tek) - Blue Hole (Tek)

Author - Andrey Ryanskiy

General information:
Rating: 3.10
Blue Hole - Dahab, Egypt Location: 12 km north of Dahab Maximum depth: 90-120 m (arch bottom) Reef's achitecture here is truly unique. A huge arch in the wall of the reef, separated by oval-shaped lagoon from the open sea, has a slightly sloping towards the sea arch, descending from 49 to 54 m. The bottom of the arch - a steep slope. It descends from the shore and in front of the arch has a depth of about 90 m, near the exit on the outside reef - 120 m depth. Arch goes through the reef wall with thickness of 26 meters - at its top. This location makes the passage extremely dangerous for divers, not certified at such depths and without special equipment. Many divers, including a very experienced, had been severely punished for such attempts at levity, "traveling light", the passage of the arch. What is the reason - in fact, for many experienced divers dive to 50 meters with a little is not something out of the ordinary? Let's face it. The arch is oriented in the north-east. Consequently, it is very poorly lit. Exit from the arch on the outer side of the reef is located in the shade. Entrance to the arch - a narrow and deep trench, covered on both sides. Direct sunlight deeper than 20 meters does not enter. Plus depth. Therefore, there is always twilight - even on the outside of the reef. Dive often begins with a dive at the inner side of the reef. Safely reaching the planned depth, the diver is already in the twilight. Here he sees a faint silhouette of the arch and begins to swim under the arch on the outer side of the reef. And then it waits for a serious test of skills in buoyancy. Because of the dark to control the depth on visual landmarks is practically impossible. Luminous Blue Hole for this task is still too far away. The walls of the arch - in complete darkness. At such times people, not ready for these conditions, could begin uncontrolled descend. At depths of more than 70 meters is not as dark as a vault arch - there is enough light to read the digits on dive computer. Even at a depth of 100 meters is not as dark as a way vault. The most common route of dipping for technical divers is entering the water in the lagoon, on the surface - to swim to the reef wall at the arch. Then -descend to a depth corresponding qualifications. The bottom in the form of a downhill slope will be in this place at a depth of 90 m. Almost always in the lagoon at depths of 60-80 m can be seen flock of Dog-toothed tuna in an amount of from 4 to 12 pieces. After this, divers go through the arch on the outside reef. Ascend with decompression stops along the walls of the reef at a depth of 7 m, then over the reef saddle swim back in the lagoon, where you can finish with deco obligations Another alternative route - to enter the water through the crevice «Bells» - descend to a depth of 65 meters and swim with the reef on your right hand. The arch will be directly in front of you - do not have to look for it. In normal conditions route to the Arch takes about 15 minutes.
GPS - coordinates:
Width 28° 34.34'
Height 34° 32.34'
Maximum depth: 120
The complexity of embedding: ***
Additional information:
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Rating - 5  Expedition date - 01.07.2009
Ныряли в Блю Холл, прошли арку под самым сводом, держались правой стороны, тогда идешь по течению.Арка достаточно большая. ПЛ, типа "641"буки"проекта", без проблем там сможет "припарковаться". На выхо...
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